Blog : Catching The Stars
Likes: Amsterdam, bookshops, crochet, family get-togethers, lactose free ice cream, magazines, writing short stories, fancy dresses, skylines, stars, speaking foreign languages, art galleries.

Hannah Nicole

Photography Editor // Designer

Blog : Hannah Nicole // Aspire
Likes: heart-to-heart talks, impromptu dinner parties, fresh fruit, early morning, simplicity, the colour blue, photography, family, the smell of wood and the feel of earth, fireside campouts, homemade strawberry shortcake for dinner, the touch of waves, her moleskines, and singing at her 100 year old piano.

Carlotta Cisternas

Food + DIY Editor

Blog : carlotta cisternas
Likes: impromptu get-togethers with friends, fresh flowers, grandparent's wonderfully creaky lived in house in Germany, the musty smell of books, the way the sun kisses the horizon on both its ascent and descent, the colour grey, bracelets -- lots of bracelets, moleskin notebooks, and photos that tell a story.


Travel Editor

Blog : beauty like a kaleidoscope
Likes: black coffee, grey nail polish, Peeta Mellark, meeting British people, John Green, that one bookstore in Paris, Nutella, pomegranates, snail mail, the way libraries smell, the Middle East, & mismatched socks.


Beauty + Style Editor

Blog : the inglenook
Likes: prairie winters, getting snail mail, putting pomegranate on everything, the weepies, going barefoot, grampy's scarves, finishing a painting, & the smell of that one coffee shop on the lake.


Literature Editor

Blog : starry nights and sunny days
Likes: writing, photography, peppermint tea, summer, the sound of rain, travelling to new places, Harry Potter, the color coral, prismacolours, comfy sweaters, & laughing so hard you cry.

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