make your weekend a good one

The weekend is almost upon us. Here are a few suggestions to make it a good one.

+ Take some time to go hiking in the rain or grab a blanket and find a secluded spot in the forest to read a book and daydream. Nature is waiting there for you; take advantage of her.
+ Go on a bike ride to a park or farmer's market or river--or, simply bicycle to get purposefully lost and discover some hidden nook of your city.
+ Get together with friends and do something spontaneous.
+ If you haven't already, pull out the fall clothing box. Reacquaint yourself with your favorite sweater, wrap the scarf that smells like last winter around your throat, and put on that wool hat and dance around the room.
+ I know it's tough to get up early on weekends, but take one morning to wake up before the dawn; make yourself some tea or coffee, wrap yourself in a blanket, and sit outside to watch the sunrise. Let the steam curl around your face and suck in and savor the crisp fall air.

And no matter what else you do, make sure your weekend is a good one.



camp vibes.

flannel button-up: forever21 | cargo vest: old navy | jeans: american eagle outfitters | moccasins: softmoc | bracelets: assorted and dad's watch | bag: parlour coffee | toque: stolen from mom

It happens more often than I'd like to admit. I wake up with camp vibes. It's like I've been plotting a tent-out in my dreams and once I'm up, I can't shake it. So, here's my theory: If I dress like I'm going camping, the bus will suddenly break down and we'll all have to spend the day at the lake campground, kayaking and roasting marshmallows (like i said, i can't shake it). Instead, these days are spent in biology class (pretending the bunsen burner is a campfire) and the gym (it's not a mile run, it's a hike). But, hey. My class is going fishing tomorrow.

We're onto something, my delusional theories and I.


other people's bookshelves

There are numerous ways to get to know people--be seated next to them in class, admire their shoes, through a friend of a friend... But the best ways to get to know them--to really know them? It's books.

It's books in all their shapes and forms. It's talking about your favourite books, and asking if they've ever written one, and fixing a time to watch the movie version of one. It's lending each other dog-eared paperbacks and fighting over a beautiful copy of a classic and wrapping up different novels for birthdays and Christmases. It is searching for one thing in a bookshop and bumping into someone you never expected to be there. 

And it's book cases too. Seeing what people keep close by on their bedside tables and what they re-read so often that it never makes it's way back to the shelves. What has a creased spine and what has been kept perfectly intact. 

This Saturday was one of books for me. Pulling out my hefty tome in a little cafe, and accidentally finding books I wasn't really looking for in the library. Perusing in the bookshop with no intent of buying, and coming out with a bag. The lady at work who put aside a 99p copy of a book I need to read for school, and taking a book from my brother's room, with no intention of returning it this time.

And if someone scanned the titles of those books, I think they would know me pretty well. They would know me even better by the stacks of books in my room though.