other people's bookshelves

There are numerous ways to get to know people--be seated next to them in class, admire their shoes, through a friend of a friend... But the best ways to get to know them--to really know them? It's books.

It's books in all their shapes and forms. It's talking about your favourite books, and asking if they've ever written one, and fixing a time to watch the movie version of one. It's lending each other dog-eared paperbacks and fighting over a beautiful copy of a classic and wrapping up different novels for birthdays and Christmases. It is searching for one thing in a bookshop and bumping into someone you never expected to be there. 

And it's book cases too. Seeing what people keep close by on their bedside tables and what they re-read so often that it never makes it's way back to the shelves. What has a creased spine and what has been kept perfectly intact. 

This Saturday was one of books for me. Pulling out my hefty tome in a little cafe, and accidentally finding books I wasn't really looking for in the library. Perusing in the bookshop with no intent of buying, and coming out with a bag. The lady at work who put aside a 99p copy of a book I need to read for school, and taking a book from my brother's room, with no intention of returning it this time.

And if someone scanned the titles of those books, I think they would know me pretty well. They would know me even better by the stacks of books in my room though.


  1. i love books!! love that picture. :)

  2. oh, I so agree. books are the best.

  3. Loved this post so much!!


  4. I think you can tell a lot about people by what they read. But then sometimes they totally throw you off by reading something you never expected them to. :) I love it when bloggers post pictures that include their bookshelves. So I can be nosy and see what they read. :)


  5. i so agree. peoples' bookshelves can be very insightful. xo

  6. Yes! I completely agree. Books say an awful lot about a person.
    I love this post.

  7. A person's bookshelf is a completely honest thing.

  8. Ah. Have I ever loved and agreed with a post more? :) This is great.

  9. I agree! Also scrolling through their iPods. :-)

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