write for us

Have you taken any beautiful pictures recently? Written something that you think is simply marvellous? Got a fun DIY or a delicious recipe to share? Or maybe you're involved in an exciting charity event or new project and would like to share it?
If you want to submit an article on Fernweh, please email us with one to three photos and a short excerpt from your article, along with your blog address (if you have one). In the subject header, please let us know what category your idea falls under as well. Please remember that:
  • Each article has to be unique to Fernweh and cannot be published anywhere else.
  • All photos in the post must be no wider than 720px wide.
  • If you submit an article, you can include a brief bio with a link to your site, but please do not promote your own blog/work on Fernweh.
  • We try and keep Fernweh free of devotionals. Although mentions of your religion are fine, your more religious pieces might be more suited to another website.
  • We will try to respond to your email within a week's time. Due to the amount of work, we cannot feature each article submitted, although we're grateful for your support.