on favorite places

The other day, the question was posed: What is your favorite place in the world? And while other people seem to have no problem replying with things like "Chicago" or "my grandmother's cottage" or "a certain bookstore", I was left wondering, scraping all my memories and thoughts for an answer.

I've been to a fair amount of places and I've found something to like about them all. But ask me to pick my favorite? Whoa, boy. Should my favorite place be somewhere beautiful (like Hawai'i) or somewhere exciting and full of things to do (Washington D.C.) or somewhere comfortable I've been going all my life (relatives' houses, my house)? Some people say your favorite place is where you feel most "you" and if that's the case, well, I'm still trying to figure that out.

Or maybe I haven't been to my favorite place yet. Maybe I never will -- maybe my favorite place is somewhere imaginary I can only escape into through my thoughts.

For now, I think I'll just say my favorite place is everywhere -- it's scattered all across the globe in every city I've been to and some I haven't yet. My favorite place is a childhood of summers in California, it's a weekend in Boston, it's all the hours spent in the library a bike ride away from home. It's the tiny streets of Barcelona, it's my friend's neighborhood, it's eating an ice cream cone on the beach in Mexico. And it's in the future: at the top of the Eiffel Tower, hiding from the rain in Portland, gazing at the Grand Canyon. I think Planet Earth is my favorite place.

So, now, I ask you: What is your favorite place in the world?



  1. I think my favourite place is wherever I will go in the future.

    That would be my most honest answer.

  2. anywhere i can be with just a book and my camera.

  3. Kendall, I am completely with you. I can't pick a favorite place either. I love most places I have been, and where I want to be really depends on my mood.

  4. I think usually a person's favorite place is where they were happiest. You will always connect what makes you happy to that place, making it your favorite place. For me, that's probably London at my aunt and uncle's home. Of course that's not the only place that I've been happy, but I've meet some of my favorite people there, so I'd have to say that's the best place to be.


  5. My favorite places are probably my bedroom, my grandparent's cottage in Canada, and the Grand Canyon. I listed these (and there are more!) because, like you, I can't decide on just one! It's sometimes just comfortable to say that you like a great many places, like you did in this post. :)

  6. Cartersville, Georgia.

    Smalltown with a huge heart...

    land of tiny-ice-cream-shops where I arrivesmiletieonmyapron and dance to country music...

    place of fresh bursting juicy peaches...

    place of Pemberley-esque houses... my town.

    where I babysit little children and read them Peter Pan to see them smile.

    where I journaled every day.

    where I learned to love small things in a big way.

  7. Kerouac said that maybe there are he has homes out there that he hasn't been to, and maybe that's why he's so restless. And it's so true.

  8. This is really beautiful and well said.
    I also, don't know where my favorite place in the world is... maybe in my kitchen, where I can bake. :)

  9. i feel the same as you. i love cities. and i love my grandma's house. i love my house. i just don't know which one is my absolute FAVORITE. i can find things to love about everywhere i go.