At a local art museum, there's a quiet corner where the walls are painted white and everything that's not painted white is a window. The windows are floor to ceiling, curving out over the gentle rolling Oklahoma hills. In the afternoon, the most magical light comes in and you can stand by the windows and feel like the world's at your feet. Maybe that's why I like it so: not necessarily the view, but the way it makes me feel to stand there in early January with the whole year ahead of me. It's a new year and a time for fresh starts; make the best of it.



  1. this.
    brings me back to july and stepping into the terminal from the plane as the sun set. beginnings and endings wrapped up in one.
    there's a beauty to change like the beauty of slipping from one season to the next. so much grace in the new. always laced with memories, nostalgia thicker than the evening sky.

  2. Some of the littlest things can be a quiet joy. Here's to making the best of it. :)

  3. Reminds me of how much I truly adore museums.

  4. mm, so warm and delightful. lovely.

  5. ah, ah, ah. beautiful words. they bring back memories for me. x

    ( the alcove )

  6. what hannah nicole said; ammmmen. and this post? well let's just say it's too beautiful.