hello march

We've made it through February! One of the toughest months in the year, I often think. This song plays in my internal jukebox throughout the month -- it's an achy tricky month. It's been a busy month too -- as our offline lives become richer, our posting here becomes sparser. We've all been up to exciting things lately though, and we're ready for a spring of fresh starts and sharing more here.

Libby has been spending too much time dancing in strobe lights, and writing more short stories, and studying.
Hannah has been taking beautiful photos, singing, and making movies.
Carlotta has also been enjoying snow, and also sunshine, and her new chickens!
Abbey has been feeling giddy, and sick, and also weird about the fact she's not on a bus.
Katie got accepted into Pratt!!!
Kendall has been watching spring begin, shooting film, and writing lists.

Katie, Kinga & Lillian have been busy & beautiful too.

What about you?


  1. mm, love this. :) it's been a busy month--and i still can't believe it's over. wow. :) time sure comes + goes faster than we realize. :) so lovely. <3 i'm glad March is here, and yet sad that February 2013 is gone forever. writing, music, photography, blog design + spending less time on the computer have been my main occupations. :)

    hello, March!

  2. love the update! I can say my life has also been terribly busy this past month and so far March doesn't look like it will be much better... fingers crossed!

  3. awesomeness!

    xoxo, group of awesome blog authors || admirer

  4. love this. :)) let's see. I've been getting my hours of driving practice in when I drive early in the morning with my mom; i've been playing guitar for church ministries, writing, going to theater rehearsals, and studying. It's been good. My how time flies. It's crazy. I'm excited for march though. :))

    Blessings, friends!


  5. I've been in a dinner theater at my church which was super fun , but sad because it's my last one! Yay March!

  6. gosh, there is so much talent between all of you girls. loving your recent posts, and hoping to read more soon. xx

  7. for some - no, MANY - reasons, this post makes me really, really happy.

  8. I agree! it's hard not to slug through february. seems like school gets tougher, too. I've been challenged by school and enjoying my church family this month. :) thanks for the update on y'all! congratulations, katie!!!! :)