for the love of pomegranates

At the heart of Fernweh is a desire to connect with individuals who are passionate about what they do -- whether that means writing, designing, cooking, shooting, painting, singing, crafting, or so on -- to highlight and celebrate the things that collectively make up our passions, dreams, and joys. We not only want to connect, but we hope to inspire, encourage, and cultivate an atmosphere of intentional living, filled to the brim with gratitude and joy over the simple, sometimes ordinary, lovely things of life.

I like to think that one of the things that brought us together is a mutual love of the wonderful Novembery fruit that we call pomegranates. So, from three of us to you, a few words, photos, and sentiments about this one fruit we so very much adore. Hopefully, it will inspire you to sit down and breath in deep, possibly with a friend, and maybe, over a pomegranate or two.


Directions for the very best November breakfast: One half of a ripe pomegranate.. Add an orange and a cup of coffee as desired. Best if eaten while reading F. Scott Fitzgerald or J.D. Salinger.

a photo + a recipe for spiced pomegranate apple cider

This is just a very small photo essay on a pomegranate. When I was younger and it was just my sister, parents, and I, my dad would come home with pomegranates for us to eat. It was a winter treat, a favorite memory, and we would sit at the table with him, shelling them to eat the seeds until our fingers were red and we had pink stains on our faces. Most of my friends didn't understand the fascination, or had never tried one, but come frosty days and mittens on fingers, we would go to the store to pick out red fruit to be taken home. Pomegranates are such a beautiful fruit, and an interesting one, and I wanted to show the loveliness in all of its stages.


  1. I think I've only had a pomegranate once... and it was a wonderful experience. I would love to get my hands on some more. :)

  2. You already posted that recipe this month!:(

    1. it was so good I wanted to include it again for those who had missed it. :)

  3. Can you believe.. I've never tried one?!
    These shots make me want to!

  4. It is so sad, but I have NEVER tried a pomegranate. I know, it's awful. These pictures make me want to go to town right now and buy some. They look delicious!

  5. pomegranates are my favorite. I ate one this weekend and it took nearly an hour :) but I think the time it takes to enjoy it make it more valuable.

  6. i've only had pomegranate juice, never the actual fruit. i love all these, and the opening image + words is lovely.

  7. This is lovely, I love the photos. :)

    Out of curiosity, which way do you shell the pomegranates, and do you eat the seeds? We usually cut them into quarters, fill a bowl of water, and "rub" the pods out underwater.

  8. pomegranates are amazing. unfortunately, i haven't had one this season, but hopefully soon! :)

  9. must. taste. a pomegranate. xo

  10. all i can say is yum. i just started liking them about a week ago. or should i say, loving them.

  11. For lunch I had some topped with my sister's cream cheese and honey frosting.
    There is something slightly magical about the fruit. It brings back memories of childhood tea parties with my cousin, we'd drink mint tea and peel pomegranates with our stained hands, juice flying everywhere. Thanks for the essays on one of the best thanksgiving foods.

  12. My pomegranate memory is a couple Christmases ago. We always get a piece of fruit in our stockings and that Christmas morning, it was a pomegranate. The sun was rising over the snow, Dad put on his Santa hat, and we all rushed into the kitchen to chop open the fruit and eat it. The sweet crimson juice got all over the counter and the floor, and with the butcher knife lying nearby, it looked like a crime scene had happened...kind of odd on Christmas morning! But that was the best pomegranate I had ever had.

  13. i seriously can't wait to eat the pomegranate i got for my birthday {!!!} as my thanksgiving breakfast. i think i'll even drink coffee with it, and order the great gatsby, too. ;)