staff picks

Phoebe Wahl's art. (pictured.)
I originally thought there was something wrong with me because I couldn't work this super-fancy nebula maker, but I finally figured it out.
Amy Seeley's beautiful collection.
A pretty couple, shot by Brooke Davis.
The work of Ariele Alasko.
C.O. Bigelow's rose salve saves Abbey's life.
I Am Who I Say I Am.
Gorgeous photos, gorgeous light.
Our very own Abbey has a recipe for pomegranate apple cider. (heaven.)
You are Jeff.
Goonies never say die. 


  1. So, which one of you crazies put my pomegranate apple cider recipe on here? ;)
    But, yeah. I just really love staff picks.

  2. mm, i'm going to have to try that pomegranate apple cider. xo

  3. i finally had to remove myself from the snowflakes website because i just kept commenting on everyone's snowflakes how beautiful they were.

  4. Haha, I have to admit that four people in my house were stuck on the snowflake site for a solid hour or two. I think we must be easily entertained on a Sunday afternoon XD

  5. I don't like some of Phoebe Wahl's art. Some of it is sensual. Just a warning. :)