a winter mixtape.

This month's playlist is one of my favorites- and not because I like Christmas music. In fact, I shy away from Christmas music as long as I can. The reason I like this mixtape so much is because it's such a clear picture of the different personalities of the six of us who run this website. We have the more traditional Christmas music. The typical Mariah Carey can't-get-it-out-of-your-head songs. The songs that aren't Christmas songs, but fit the theme perfectly. While I was preparing this playlist, I realized how thankful I am for the five other girls who sent me songs for this playlist. Thanksgiving is over and it's Christmas season now, but we never did do a thankful type post on here. So here it is: I'm thankful for Libby and Kendall and Hannah and Abbey and Carlotta. Thankful for their friendship, and their impeccable taste in music. You can listen to the mixtape here

EDITED: Katie is going to put the playlist on grooveshark later, but until then, here's a list of the songs. --Carlotta

+ Silent Night//Stevie Nicks
+ White Christmas//Bing Crosby
+ Hallelujah//Handel's Messiah
+ Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas//Sarah McLachlan
+ You Make Me Feel So Young//Frank Sinatra
+ Santa Claus is Coming to Town//Nat King Cole
+ All I Want for Christmas is You//Mariah Carey
+ Barcarola (You Must be a Christmas Tree)//Sufjan Stevens
+ Baby, It's Cold Outside//She & Him
+ Christmas Day (I Wish I Was Surfing)//Emmy the Great & Tim Wheeler
+ Coldest Days//The Rural Alberta Advantage
+ I'll Be Home for Christmas//She & Him
+ White Winter Hymnal//Fleet Foxes
+ All That I Want//The Weepies
+ Stubborn Love//The Lumineers
+ Winter Song//Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson
+ Blood Bank//Bon Iver
+ Horchata//Vampire Weekend
+ Zombie Christmas//Emmy the Great & Tim Wheeler


  1. <3 you. I'm so glad I have spotify now so I can listen to this!

  2. This is really really amazing..... aaaggghh. You're simply flawless, Katie. <3

  3. Ohmymygoodness Katie. You always have something perfect to show us. <3


  4. The website says that Spotify isn't available in Canada. Is there another way for me to listen to the mixtape? :)

    1. Hi Abbie! I'm so sorry about that- I'll upload the playlist onto 8tracks sometime tomorrow and send you the link.

    2. Would you mind sharing the link? I could get spotify, but I'm too lazy.
      I'm too tired to make what I just said sound more decent. Hah.

    3. Yes, please! Would you mind sharing the link? I live in England I don't think the current site is working. :-/


      xxx | A

    4. We should get this up on Grooveshark or 8tracks or something soon, but for now... Spotify works for me, in England. My browser is Google Chrome, and I'm subscribed to Katie's playlists on Spotify anyway. But it *should* be working on Spotify now.

  5. Brilliant, as always! I was hoping you'd make a Christmas mixtape soon :D

  6. This is brilliant. I love how varied our taste is!
    And happy Christmas to our mixtape maker, and all our lovely mixtape-listeners!

  7. Just subscribed. I really admire your music choices!