december poems

It's been a long time since I've written poetry, but something about this season makes me want to write every story in some kind of poetry.


"make a wish,"
you told me, imagining
that the lights meant something more.

"they're just lights,"
i told you, wondering
why you were such a foolish dreamer.

"wish anyway,"
you told me, looking
up into the dark night sky.

"wish on everything,"
you told me, listing
candles and feathers and falling tinsel.

"it doesn't work though,"
i told you, sighing
and thinking you crazy and confused.

"who says it doesn't?"
you told me, saying
that at christmas anything was possible.


someone once told me
that coco cola changed christmas,
i didn't want to believe that
and i couldn't believe that.
how could one company have all the power?

i put on red lipstick to meet you,
and told you it wasn't for christmas,
not really
and you said christmas wasn't just red and green.
because you had golden decorations, and
how could you define a season by a colour anyway?

this was something i remembered
when i was decorating my house
red and green,
and in the place of a green wreaths and red baubles,
i told stories of family and shared hot chocolate.
isn't this a better way to celebrate?


i have dragon smoke breath,
red woollen mittens,
and a christmas carol stuck in my head.

you have dragon smoke breath too,
but you forgot your gloves,
and you prefer the nutcracker.

our dragon smoke breath
blurred the winter landscape
as we walked home.



  1. I love these. They're perfect for Christmas.
    Kristin @ Serendipity

  2. Love the pacing and imagery of these!

  3. This speaks Christmas and warmth and love to me, Libby. Wonderful job.

  4. Beautiful poetry, and I love the photo at the top.

  5. I really love your poem, Christmas Lights. So pretty!

  6. These were beautiful. I loved every word!

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