I don't remember Halloween ever being a big deal when I was younger; I've been trick-or-treating a handful of times and we generally get a pumpkin, but I don't have many strong memories attached to it or anything.
I can feel it changing though, as every year there seem to be more sugar paper bats stuck in shop windows and more pumpkins piled onto market stalls. In town today, we were spooked by a bowl of chocolate eyeballs that had a moving skeleton buried inside. The girls down the road that I babysit made pipe cleaner spiders at school, something that I don't remember doing.
In barely ten years, traditions have been shifting. I think this year's Halloween, for those of us 'celebrating' it, might just be the spookiest yet.



  1. This is the first year I'm not celebrating. It feels odd and freaky. I just completely skipped the holiday this year. Wasn't feeling it at all! Bring on the Christmas holidays.

  2. I know just what you mean. Halloween isn't as popular in England as it is in America (I know from experience!) but I've never really liked Halloween, (celebration of evil and pagan spirts -- I mean how much worse could it get?) but I AM in love with your writing + photographic style.

    xx a.