staff picks.


This is an old video, but Marcel the Shell is just as cute as always.

The Daily Chicken.

A guide to autumn from Anthro.

The Plug is a discontinued online zine that's well worth perusing the back issues. ( Bonus: MURDER KROGER. *profanity warning*)

True & Brave.

Ming Makes Cupcakes has so many varieties, and the sour cream raspberry cupcakes look particularly delicious. (Apple cupcakes with caramel look wonderful for fall.)

Gorgeous street style photos.

Lucy Chadwick.

Beautiful fuzzy slippers.

Emma and Elsie have a tutorial for simple, homemade photo filters.

(photo via True & Brave.)


  1. okay. marcell the shell is my new favorite. that's all. xo

  2. Oh, my brother has made those cupcakes, number 18. They were delicious.