iambic pentameter poetry


Surrounded by noise, life becomes cluttered.
We pass each other by, too busy to
say hello, or how do you do? Friendly
exclamations are forgotten while we
virtually gush over this and that,
living our whole lives in front of a screen,
while our hearts lie vacant, dormant from lack
of use. In the hurry hurry, rush rush
we forget what it means to truly feel.
Emotions are numbed to spare us the pain
of hurting. Yet by guarding us from hurt,
we lose all sense of joy, love, and in the
end, we face a life that is spent unlived.

young dancers

We re-lace our ribbons, push back pins, and
stand up, our hair slicked back, features pulled tight.
Masks we wear to hide cracks in our facade
slip. Pins fly as we pirouette again,
spotting eyes fading fast. Blue leaking
and brown seeping and green slipping from sight.
We are just girls wearing ill-fitting masks
of indifference, trying to be the best.
For once our eyes meet and there is almost
a smile, but we spot again and pull up
our masks tighter, willing them not to slip.
While we chase perfection, we are not friends,
though we wish we were. But the masks mislead.
I discovered the peculiar beauty of iambic pentameter a few weeks ago. Originally dreading it, I fell in love with the way the words flowed and the lines read. There is something about the form that allows the poem to breathe. Needless to say, it has become my new favorite. So a question for you...what's your favorite type of poetry?


  1. Your words are SO beautiful! And good on you for trying out a new type of poetry :) I *love* Emily Dickinson's 'Hope' as well as Shakespeare's Sonnet 116... 'Love is not love which alters when alteration finds' <3 xx

  2. Iambic pentameter is really hard to write, but it's beautiful to read. In terms of writing poetry, I love free verse. I'll just pick words that I really like and find a way of writing a poem that looks good on the page, if you squint and don't read it! But I love to read all sorts of poetry.

  3. I find it appearing in my journal or just scraps of paper that are available when my mind makes the lines. It tells a story, but it's still beautiful. I just never knew the name :) Thank you for sharing, you have a gift for this.

  4. This is beautiful. :) I have never really understood how that type of poem worked, but I do love the way it sounds. :)


  5. beautiful. i absolutely love poetry, in any way, shape or form. as long as it has a rhythm, and words that flow, i enjoy just about anything.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  6. I absolutely love this Hannah! Your poetry is always gorgeous, and I love this pattern.

  7. yes, yes, yes, i LOVE iambic poetry too! :)

  8. poetry makes me excited. i love sonate form, and iambic tetrameter is my favorite.

    have you read Christina Rossetti's poetry? She's great :-)

  9. ahh I love the Young Dancers. I'm preparing for a ballet performance this weekend, and this poem is just perfect. <3

  10. wow these are absolutely beautiful poems! i especially love the first one. xo