coffeeshop poems and whatnot

Sometimes, I like to call myself a poet. Not of shakespearean sonnets or ababcc rhyme schemes, but of thoughts that fall into place and make something like a song. My moleskine is filled with scribbled thoughts, jotted down journal entries, lists (some crossed out, others not), quickly done sketches, and a plethora of poetry. Many that are just one line, others, spanning several pages.

I love flipping through the many pages and stumbling across a poem or sloppily scrawled (my penmanship is atrocious) thought that makes me smile. Some letters that fit together just right where I somehow found the words to express them. More than that though, I love finding a gem where I remember how the world was when I wrote it.

I have several books of poetry and perusing the pages and savoring the words like sipping tea is one of my favorite things. I'll sometimes sit at the coffee shop, people watch, and write. There's something about coffee shops that lend to an inspiring atmosphere. So alive, bustling, full of energy, and artsy. Just my kind of place.

Straight from my moleskine, here are some words and whatnot.

Coffee Shop Poems

We sip coffee with chapped lips
(at least I, from winter winds)
that steal words from
my mouth -- how are you doing?
I try to ask in thehustle
white chocolate mocha!
they cry, and I wish I could tell
you that I know you're sad, even
while drinking hazelnut, smiling,
your eyes are licked
with the winter wind.


quiet is a word almost never heard
in our house --
with someone (or many)always shouting or
noisy isn't a strong enough word to describe
the chaos.
Don't tell anyone, but sometimes,
I like the noise better than silence,
because it means home.


it was dark and rain fell like stars
from the heavens, dropping silver on
theparched ground.
we drank it up as if we had never seen sky
before -- or even light
and perhaps, we hadn't.

waltz of the flowers

There it is -- the magic begins
I remember the beating of my
heart, faster than a whirlwind,
my fingers clenched tight
(I could not unclench them -- it was
as if I was holding onto something)
flowers unfold, feet point, and they jump,
while I sit and watch the ballet begin
and remember what it was like
to dance with my feet flying in pink

Do you write poetry?


  1. these are gorgeous. both the words and the photo. you are truly talented. :))
    -jocee <3

  2. These are so lovely, Hannah! My favorite is Starlight. ♥

  3. Fabulous poems! I love the one about home and I can definitely relate to the noise (I have 4 brothers 7 years old and under!)


    abbie /// xoxox

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    2. Oh. My. Goodness. Wow. This is fantastic! I want to pick one or the other as my favorite but I can't. I'm seriously thinking about writing these down and hanging them on my wall. They're so artistic and wistful. As much as I love thought-out poetry, scribbles are usually better.

    3. I'm totally being honest, these are some of the best poems I have ever read. In poetry, the rhythm is so important, and yours is perfect. You blend the candid with the pensive, and it reminds me of everyday thoughts.

  4. I lie your "home" poem. Poetry is just such a perfect outlet for the emotions...I "like to call myself a poet" too. I think it's rather scary to post one's own poetry for the world to see, though, so kudos to you for that.

    - Victoria

  5. so lovely. i do so love "home." i do right poetry, sometimes. but then it's like yours and usually has no rhyme or meter. i think this is the best kind though, it has more feeling.

  6. I like your poems, especially Starlight. I write poetry, too (whenever I get inspired and have some verses going through my head), but it's only been within the last six months or so that I've given up trying to rhyme (I try to hard and make everything worse) and have started writing freeverse poetry. :)

  7. Gorgeous. You're really talented!

  8. "my fingers clenched tight
    (I could not unclench them -- it was
    as if I was holding onto something)"

    Beautiful! Your way with words is breathtaking..lovely to read these poems on a chilly, snowy evening.


  9. Hannah, your POEMS! THEY'RE AWESOME! I love them :). If I ever needed to hire someone to write a poem about a person, an event, or something random, I would choose you :)

  10. poetry- something not even the most extravagant word can describe.
    (and your is wonderful, by the way.)

  11. I absolutely love the poetry, Hannah. My favorites are between Home and Starlight. =)

  12. Coffee Shop Poems made me cry. I think the worst feeling in the world is knowing that someone is hurting, and having no way to help them. You have such poignant, beautiful words. Love you, dear.

    1. Love these poems. These snapshots of life are such gifts. :)

  13. I love these, Hannah. Especially how you've typed thehustle, not the hustle, which for some reason makes it sound much more busy and panicked. I can't really explain it...

  14. Wow. Lovely. And yes, since you asked, I do write poetry, though my poems are in every way different from yours--usually quite long (I write them mostly when I have something I need to get out on paper when it won't come any other way). It's a marvelous outlet.

  15. Beautiful poems. I love it when you just happen to scribble something down and it turns out really wonderful. :)

    I was wondering, what kind of Moleskin book do you use?

    --Liz B

  16. I love Starlight and Waltz of the Flowers! I don't write poetry, I've just never felt inspired to write it.