january's song

I like winter. Or should I say, I like winter until January second. It's a sad, empty feeling when the festivity and merry-making and celebrating comes to an end, like flower petals that wilt and fall to the ground only a few days past their prime. And the memories are packed away with the tangible items--the Christmas tree, the wreaths, the crimson bows--only to be unfolded when a forgotten ornament is found under the couch, coated in a layer of dust. Because the happy part of winter is over, spring seems such a long, long way away, and the days are cold and bitter, one after another.

But I'm learning to love each month, regardless of the reputation it may have. January has a quiet, beautiful song, one that can only be heard if you're silent and are listening for it. January may seem terribly lonely and boring...until you discover its song.

much love,


  1. There is something I love about every month, and although January is my absolute favorite, it too is beautiful. And when I think of all the adventures and discoveries this past month has held, I like it even better. Especially when a new baby cousin is supposed to arrive!

  2. The arrival of mid winter always awakens deep longing for spring in me :) But today I'm going to try to love January. Thank you, carlotta :)

  3. beautiful. i so agree on this. :))
    -jocee <3

  4. hmm, yes. my break was wonderful, my holidays busy, and then all during the beginning of January I was doing extra rehearsals and then performances of the play I was in. Now that it has ended (last weekend), I feel as if I have nothing but dreary winter months to look forward to.
    in all reality though, this "dreary" winter has definitely had it's beauty--including but not limited to rather mild weather.
    also, since it is nearly February and since your post title reminded me of it, go listen to this song--"February Song" by Josh Groban. it's one of my favorites.

  5. So true.

    ~ Acacia

    ps your words have been articulated very well;)

  6. So lyrical and lovely :) I love the idea of finding the songs...

    One of the things that is amazing about January is that it forces you to open your eyes and become more aware of the wonder of life and the fact that you can change and become a better person.

    Abbie /// XOXOX

  7. I feel the same way about winter, but comfort myself that January is nearly over, that February is a short month, and that March means spring is right around the corner. All good things in time. :)

  8. March is always the longest for me. It seems like it's caught awkwardly between winter and spring.