my grandmother's house

Elegant is the word that describes it best, I think. Photographs and stately pieces of wooden furniture that are a tasteful nod to her past life. The vases and calendar and metal boxes on her desk that have been there for as long as I can remember. Classical music always pouring out of the speakers. The paintings she's painted, the rugs my father played on as a little boy, and my favorite snapshot of my grandmother, the epitome of glamour, and my grandfather, whom I never met. The old trunk piled high with her favorite stuffed animals, all of which have a story, the dictionary that gets pulled out when we have Scrabble competitions, and the two thousand year old wooden sculpture we're always extra careful around.

This is my grandmother's house. And every time I go there, I discover something new.

What does your grandmother's house look like?

much love,


  1. my grandmother's house is something like this. lots of old photos, chests with keys and jewelry, a craft room, snowglobes and souvenirs from different countries, and the best cookies in the world. you can never beat oreo.
    lovely post! :))
    -jocee <3

  2. My grandmothers home (or well, apartment!) is full of beautiful dolls that she collects. She came from a poor family and never could afford to have a doll when she was a little girl, so when she got older she started collecting them! Now whenever I see a porcelain doll, I think of my lovely grandmother!! :)

  3. So very lovely. Both my grandmothers houses' are filled with remembrances from when they were young - and growing up during WWII. A teenager in the US and a child in Europe. As a result my grandmother in America has more //things// from when she was little, but they both have just as many memories.

  4. Grandparent's houses are always so interesting - they each have their own story, especially depending on the time period in which they were born and lived. :) My grandma's house is from the eighteen hundreds, so it's always really interesting to go and visit it. :)

    I love the pictures of the books! I'm such a b/w girl.


  5. My grandparent's house is filled with memories of my mom and her sisters growing up, as well as many momentos of Germany, where we come from. (I'm half German.) When I was little I would gaze at the glass case of sparkling crystal bowls, enthralled.

  6. Who is the kid in the second-to-last picture, in the frame on the left? Looks just like Lilly!

  7. My grandparent's house is amazing. Seriously. I need to get a dSLR next time I visit them, and then take pictures of their house. (My camera isn't good with indoor lighting... I need a dSLR!)

    LOVELY lovelylovely photos, dear! I ADORE that b+w.


  8. Wow! Aren't Grandmother's houses great? Brimming with old memories and love.

    Who is that boy in the second-to-last photograph? Is that your Dad when he was four or five? It looks JUST LIKE LILLY! :)

  9. Katie and Anon- The boy in the photo is my dad at three...if you think he looks like Lilly, you should see a photo of my brother at that age. Identical twins. ;)

  10. loved this post, carlotta!
    last time i was at my grandma's house, I found an old camera in her garage. she said, "you think that's cool?" I did :)

  11. Goodness, I love these. The way you described their home made me think of my Nana & Grampy's home. And I know this has already been said, but that photo of your dad? It's crazy how much he looks like Lilly. Beautiful post!

    twin sister.

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