coffee and pie

It's warm and cozy in here, the smell of coffee brewing on the stove wrapping about us like a cloak. Coffee always brings back fond memories--when I was little, the sweet, bitter aroma would waft through the house, eventually finding its way to my bedroom to tickle my nose. Yawning and stretching, I'd pad sleepily to the kitchen table and watch my parents pour the coffee into their mugs, steam rising lazily. Sometimes, my mother would let me have a sip and the hot liquid would scald my tongue as I swallowed. I didn't mind, though--it made me feel grown up. That seems so long ago.
My mind flits back to the present. There's a peach pie on the table, fresh from the oven. I set out the good Russian china with a clatter, another one of the treasures that was accumulated on my mama's travels. Careful not to spill, the coffee is poured in the dainty cups, and when the cream is added, it makes the dark liquid swirl in milky color. I hand my mom a plate and she slides a gooey, warm piece of pie on it; I scoop some vanilla ice cream on top. The hot and cold mingle together in my mouth, a sweet juxtaposition.
I would be content to have coffee and pie every afternoon.

much love,


  1. Coffee makes me think of my Grandpa. When I would visit my Grandparents, I used to wake up super early (about 5!) just to drink coffee with him before he left for work.

  2. mm... love these shots.
    coffee reminds me of my dad... driving to work with him on a cold morning, the radio playing, the heater going, and the smells of paint, and wood shavings, and coffee.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. This sounds so wonderful! Love the photographs, too.

  4. my parents don't drink coffee. my grandparents, however, do. i've had it a few times and i like it some, but i don't have a particular taste for it. but when i drink it, i always feel older. so sophisticated. oh, the memories coffee brings. beautiful :)
    -jocee <3

  5. This reminds me of when my best friend from junior school would invite me around to her house on a Saturday afternoon when her oma and opa were visiting from Germany. I practiced saying hello in German to them whilst her mum served cake and weak coffee for us, and then we found a sun-dappled corner of her garden and the two of us sat there, chatting over food.
    Your writing is beautiful and stirs up so many memories.

  6. Your words and photos are literally breathtaking. I too would be completely content having coffee and pie every afternoon! ;)

  7. Your descriptions are so real. It makes me want to be there with you, clinking tea cups, and slicing sweet pie. :)


  8. Coffee and pie is so delightful. I love your descriptions. It's like I can almost taste the warm pie in my mouth. =)

  9. Coffee & pie! Fabulous mix :)


  10. Your writing is so, so beautiful, Carlotta.

  11. ice cream? now wait, I thought you gave up sugar for lent? ;]
    aaand this was gorgeous. lovelovelove your b&w shots. invite me over for pie next time, hmm?

    1. ha! yes, that's true, but this was particular afternoon was back in december :)

  12. Coffee + pie = best thing ever. This is a lovely post. :)