i love home

As the weather gets warmer, my fernweh intensifies. I want to be anywhere but my sleepy village--NYC sounds good, or maybe at Abbey's lake, or even the seaside in this country.  But for now, I'm here. And that's something I have to accept.
There are moments when I love this place, and I try to remember those reasons when I end up wishing I was elsewhere. I love how my cat curls up on my lap whilst I type, and the pearly light that comes from overcast days, and when my grandparents can drop in for coffee because they live close by.
The nearest town to me is very popular with tourists, and this year I'm making an effort to do some of that touristy stuff. Open top buses and free museums and ice cream in the park. These are the things I need to remember about the place I live. Focusing on why people want to visit here in the first place makes me a bit happier about having spent fourteen years here. The three photos at the top of this piece are just nuggets from the last week of why I liked living here. No--why I love living here.
Tell me--what do you love about your hometown?



  1. Sweet pictures! I love the people in my town. Its a very small town but the people are all like family :)


  2. Hometown? Well, m'dear, I don't really have one.

    I move around.

    A lot.

    Every town I live in is held close to my heart for different reasons - simple moments - that made our time in that town special.


  3. I love the second picture of the muffins- they look delicious! and if you're ever feeling down about living where you are you can just email me and I'll tell you the thousands of reasons why I'm jealous! ;) I love how my hometown is 10 minutes away from the ocean no matter what part of town you're in and the old heritage buildings downtown. It's nothing special, but I've learned to love it!

  4. I love how I know where to find everything. I know there's a starbucks here, a walmart there, etc. Also, my whole family lives here =D

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  5. My home is this tiny town in the middle of a lava field. No kidding. We're very secluded, and I often wish I lived someplace with more action. However, I'm beginning to embrace living here. It's only for a season. :)

  6. I moved around so much growing up that I don't have a hometown. But one thing I love about where I am the moment: the rich green color of the grass and the deep purples and yellows of the springtime blossoms.

  7. Home is...home. There is really one word to describe it. I'm learning to love it just like you :)

  8. I absolutely love my hometown. Today I was telling my mom that it's the one place in the world that will always feel like home to me. It is a tiny town, let me tell you, but I love it all the same. Everything is so familiar to me, and while sometimes I wish I was traveling & seeing the world, this town will always, always be my place.

    Abbie /// XOXOX

  9. I live in a big city - too many buildings and power lines. But I love how that makes me appreciate beauty more. I have to look for it and make the most of it. :) I still wish for a small town life though, so I greatly envy you! But I'm very sentimental about my home...I've never moved so if I have to, I'll be very upset haha.

  10. in my town, everyone wants to get here. i don't exactly want to get away from it, but i want to know what i am missing. beautiful post :))
    -jocee <3

  11. I have moved 4 times so far, but right now I absolutely love where I am living becuase we are out in the country, but just a couple of miles from town, I love how right now you can tell that the trees keep getting greener by the day, and the forest behind our house is finally starting to come to live =)

  12. I love the dusty dirt roads and the one and only store in my hometown as well as mountains surrounding it. It was a blessing to grow up in Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea. :)