thrifting tips

From racks full to bursting with clothing to rows and rows of shoes to household goods galore, thrifting is a world that can be overwhelming. I don't blame the ones who stay far away from Goodwill--it can be scary! But luckily, you don't have to be scared or overwhelmed any longer. Here are a few tips to get you started.


Perseverance is key. It can be tiring flipping through fringe-bedecked dresses and blazers with shoulder pads that could reach China. But think of it as a treasure hunt instead! The things you can find are so exciting if you just keep on going.

find the potential

There is potential in almost everything. Love the fabric of a dress but hate the cut? Make a pillowcase out of it. Find the cutest shirt ever but it's a tad too big? Belt it. Discover your dream pair of boots but they're scuffed? A quick application of shoe polish will do the trick. It's important to see beyond what you're holding in your hands--don't judge a book by it's cover. Chances are, whatever is wrong with it can be remedied.
Having said that, though, don't buy things that you know will just end up in your "to-do" pile. It crowds your closet and it's money wasted.

look for sale tags

This is a big one! Almost every piece of merchandise is marked with a colored tag for better organization. Most thrift stores will have a color/tag of the day that's discounted--for example, all items with a red tag are half off, all with a green tag are twenty five percent off, et cetera. Be on the lookout for a board with a color(s) of the day when you walk in.

wear comfortable clothing

You're going to be on your feet for a long time, flipping through racks and hunting through shelves. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing--it's probably not a good idea to wear those new five inch heels if you're planning on hitting the thrift stores. Also, make sure your outfit will enable you to on clothes quickly and effortlessly.

have fun!

Most of all, just have fun. Be a little crazy, try something new. After all, you're spending all of what, fifty cents? Bring a friend and laugh through the aisles. Thrifting is fun!

much love,


  1. yes,yes! I adore thrifting, currently I only have about 2 items in my closet that I bought brand new. I have also found most of my books there too. :)

  2. Thank you for this! Thrifting is my favorite way to shop, but many of my friends shriek in terror at the very idea. These tips are great. =)

  3. I LOVE thrifting! I buy pretty much all of my clothes and books at thrift stores. :) Recently I actually found a Vintage sailor's uniform! I blogged about it, if you'd like to see. It's pretty sweet!


  4. thanks so much for the tips! i will have to keep them in mind the next time i go to goodwill. :) another tip that i learned from a friend is "Bring a few friends or siblings along while thrifting. Then while you're going through the racks only pick out stuff you think they would like, nothing for yourself. Have them do the same for you." it will turn out to be a bunch of fun and you will get to know your friends/siblings better! :)


  5. Love your tips! I agree with everything. I just wish I could sew so that I had more options for reviving old things. Maybe someday. Thrifting IS fun. :)

  6. Love this post and LOVE thrifting! Awesome tips! :D

  7. great tips. i still have really yet to go. it's killing me because i there is a treasure chest right down the street from me. love the ideas for doing alternative things with the fabric.


  8. Thanks! There are two thrift stores about thisclose to my school, and I've been intending to explore them for a while. The intimidation factor, honestly, was too great, so these tips are splendid!

  9. Thanks for these tips! I enjoy thrifting, and I wish more people did. :)

  10. I went thrifting a week or two ago for the first time in awhile, and was reminded why I do it. So many treasures for such a small price. I love it.