the gloomy day guide

Putting up this post was a little strange for me--we're having unseasonably warm weather here right now, and gloomy days are the furthest thing from my mind. But Jana's plan below will definetley be bookmarked for our next stint of overcast and dull English days!

If you live in the Midwest, you can feel my pain with our lovely bipolar weather. One day, we'll have a few inches of snow, the next, you wake up to see the snow melted and it’s raining. I love rainy days; they're so refreshing and on those days I am most inspired. But on those days when the weather is indecisive and gloomy, it's hard not to mope around the house. No rain, no snow, just cloudy days.

Over the past few weeks with such weather, I've made a mental list to get through these days. Here are my 10 tips to gloomy days.

1) drink hot cocoa, tea, coffee. whichever hot drink is your forte. drink it from your favorite mug and maybe sneak a sweet snack.
2) read, read, read. I love reading books and I've found on these days, Frank Peretti is a favorite for me.
3) make a rainy-day play list. (I have yet to do this, but Spotify is calling my name)
4) phone calls and skype. Something that can surely brighten my day, is a call or skype with my best friend.
5) take pictures. I know the lighting may not be the best on these gloomy, cloudy days. but if you're anything like me, photographing puts me in a good mood.
6) watch a movie. last week, on a gloomy afternoon, I made my brothers watch Letters to Juliet with me. it was fantastic.
7) bake + cook. baking cookies, breads, or even helping mom fix super is a favorite for me on these days.
8) rearrange your room. I love organizing my closet or simply adding to my wall of pictures, clippings, and other souvenirs. looking at that wall in my room always brightens my day.
9) blogging. Write a new post and discover new bloggers. An idea I might have to steal soon, is having a page or list of your daily reads. It's a great way to give your blogging friends a few extra views and to help other bloggers discover your favorite blogs.
10) hang out with your family. nothing can brighten my day like a good laugh with my brothers.



  1. LOVELOVELOVE this! Great idea!

  2. wonderful, calming ideas. just lovely, dear!

  3. oh my gosh. this is amazing!

  4. I love this. :) Lovely article Jana!

  5. yes! this is fantastic. i must do this. today is sort-of one of those days. :))
    -jocee <3

  6. You see? All of those things are why I LOVE LOVE LOVE cloudy days so much. :)

  7. I love this list! Great movie choice by the way!


  8. walking is another favorite on cloudy days :) Not too hot, not too cold!

  9. these are great ideas, jana. another of my favorites is to watch an old black and white movie. xxx.

  10. fantastic! oh, how well I understand the midwest's bipolar weather. haha. ;)

  11. i gloomy days are the best when you have a movie to watch! letters to juliet is definitely NO exception, even with your brother : )

  12. This list is fantastic, and definitely a must for my rainy city! :) Thanks Jana!

  13. Wonderful list of ideas. I live in the midwest, so I can completely relate to the unpredictable weather.
    I should make a rainy day playlist, too. :)

  14. Thanks so much for these great ideas!


  15. This is great Jana :-) I know all to well the gloominess of Indiana days.
    " I made my brothers watch Letters to Juliet with me. it was fantastic." Hahaha!

  16. great tips...i'll definitely come back to this when it's rainy and grey!