before the computer.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that gets sucked into the computer. There are blogs to read, tweets to tweet, statuses to post, and friends to catch up with--it can be a bit overwhelming. Inspired by this pin, here are a few things to do before you plug yourself in.

[1] write a poem (to get your creative juices flowing)
[2] workout (to get your heart pumping)
[3] journal (ditto number one)
[4] spend some quiet time outside (to replenish your calm)
[5] read part of a book (to fill your brain with imagination)
[6] do something productive (to feel accomplished)
[7] drink some water (to help your body)
[8] chat with a friend (to show them you care)

Do you have anything to add to the list?

much love,


  1. This is good! I could benefit from following this...


  2. Good things to remember! During the week I try to do all my school work that doesn't require a computer (not much, I admit) before logging on. But on the weekend that definitely tends to slide...

  3. So true, Carlotta. This is lovely! Maybe you could add [9] spend some time with your family?


  4. I love this list Carlotta! I've found myself doing every single one before being able to blog, but doing this in general before getting on the computer is a great idea. thanks for sharing!

  5. Ah, this is so perfect. It's so hard sometimes to prioritize.

  6. I love this! The only thing I would add is singing loudly for the fun of it :)

  7. I would doing something creative to the list. A lot of times I force myself to draw or sew instead of getting on the computer, and after a minute or two you forget that you even wanted to get on the internet!

  8. very good post! i should, like, write this down on a sticky note and put it on my dashboard.

  9. this is getting printed out and put on the wall--great advice I'll be sure to remember!

  10. this is lovely :) this is only partially related, but lately i've been thinking about how i think i would have liked growing up before computers, with film cameras and letters and face-to-face talks instead of everything happen on and through screens.
    this is great advice :)

  11. This is great! And by the time you do all that, you probably won't have time for the computer which is even better! HAHA. Yay. Love when that happens.

  12. Yes! I totally am going to follow this, next time I want to go on =D


  13. ahh this is so good. I am on the computer all. the. time. And honestly, this would be so difficult.

  14. great list, carlotta! i try to do this all the time when i'm thinking of going on the computer, because they simply are way more important than computers any way! : )

  15. I had seen that pin a few weeks ago. I hate it when I always feel inspired to get a life outside of the internet, and then I get back into the same slump again. Hahah.