Today, we've got a piece of writing from Fernweh reader Johanna. When this arrived in our email, I instantly felt like the arrival of summer was imminent. Isn't it great? Leave her some nice comments and see her blog here.

When you wake in the early hours to hear the birds alive with song, and you discard your comfy sweater in exchange for your favourite dress. This is how you know. 
Then you pack away your winter boots, and hide them away in a closet, and you tiptoe down an earthen path, barefoot into the yard, with the springy grass soft under your toes. This is how you know.
A playful warm breeze grabs and tosses you hair, laughing as it goes, the great shining sun touches your skin with it's warm tanning kisses. This is how you know.
When flowers shoot up from the earth, lift their sweet faces and smile at the sky, and it's fun to grab a bucket, cool off and wash the car. This is how you know.
And when the sea pulls at your heart, or the lake, a pool, or the water hose, and you yearn to take a dive. Yes, this is how you know. 
When you and your swimsuit merge into one, and you sit in a lawn chair in the shade of a tall tree. That is how you know.
And then you hear children playing, and bubbles are blown, cold, sticky popsicles are licked with colourful tongues. It is now that you know.
So smile and grin and laugh a bit, too. Because the cold cloudy days are finally over, and summer is coming. Summer is coming and it will not wait for you.

Have a beautiful day, ladies!


  1. What a lovely post about Summer. :)

  2. Lovely! I especially love the line, "And then you hear children playing, and bubbles are blown, cold, sticky popsicles are licked with colourful tongues." That's my little siblings. :)

  3. wow. this is so beautiful.

  4. Johanna?! You were on Fernweh! Congrats, and what a lovely piece :D

  5. It's slightly surreal seeing my piece here. Thank you!

    1. Thank *you* for submitting such a lovely piece!

  6. Aw, so beautiful. I absolutely love this. <3

  7. beautiful post, johanna! I am now doubly excited for summer :)

  8. my need for summer has now tripled. great post johanna!

  9. So very sweet. Beautiful job!

  10. Beautiful! Summer better come quickly now! :)

  11. Wow, I wish my summer was like this! At the moment it's just raining... :) x

  12. I now feel like summer is here!