collecting moments

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the future and how it's made. What makes up the moments deemed fit for stashing away? How is it that every day seems the same, yet when we look back, it all seems so different? There's a specific line in Mushaboom by Feist that goes: and we'll collect moments one by one // i guess that's how the future's done. It's been running through my head over and over the last few weeks and I've been mulling over the truth in that statement. Really, all the future consists of is collecting moments and making plans. We just have to decide which moments we want to keep and which to discard, which to build our memories with and which to learn from.

much love,


  1. this has been on my mind a lot lately, too. and, i love that song :)

  2. that's just the coolest thought ever. oh, and I love that line. so gorgeous, so true.

  3. yes. yes. yes. and YES. you write everything so beautifully Carlotta. you touch subjects a lot deeper than many other people, and in so few words at that.

  4. I love that song. Have you seen (500) Days Of Summer? Because that has the best soundtrack, and it's on there, and basically yeah.
    Good thoughts.

  5. so true. ze end.
    the future is a bit of a scary prospect, but for the most part, I'm looking forward to it. :)


  6. I love memories. Oh yes. And, I love that quote!

  7. I'm kind of in love with this song. Also, what Libby said! (500) Days of Summer has basically the best soundtrack ever.

  8. Adds meaning to capturing all the special moments right now, huh?


  9. special moments...if only they were more than moments and all the time.
    great post my friend!