the ghosts of vacations past.

I don't know whether I've traveled a lot or barely scraped the surface (truthfully, it's probably somewhere in the middle), because it depends on whom you ask, but I have a fair amount of memories from vacations stockpiled in my brain. I like to play 'remember when' and imagine I'm there again. These are some things I remember, going back in time.

I remember New York in sixth grade. It was March, and bitterly cold. Don't go to New York in March if you can avoid it. It doesn't have the magic of the holidays and Central Park is too dead to house the picnics and music it's famous for. It's still fun, though. I saw the Statue of Liberty, went to the MoMA and the Guggenheim (but not the Met, go figure) and stayed in the smallest hotel room ever.

I remember Chicago, the summer after fourth grade. We went to Navy Pier and I rode, half petrified, in the Ferris wheel. I remember the hall of mirrors, and my cousin screaming "I found the exit!" only to hear a big crash two seconds later.

I remember taking the bus to Mexico with my dad and my sister when I was seven. We went to Monterrey where the mountains rose around us and the air was sticky and hot. I remember my sister throwing up after breakfast in a little cafe. I'm sorry for that image, but that's a part of vacations, too, you know? I'm just keeping it real.

I remember Florida, for Thanksgiving in first grade, maybe? It was the furthest east in the U.S. I'd ever been. I went to the ocean, but most of my memories revolve around pilgrims and Indians. That's how it is when you're little.

I remember Germany, when I was four, the last time I was in Europe. But that is a lie. The only thing I remember about Germany is something I thought for the longest time was a dream. I was standing on a platform when a train pulled up. Everyone around me rushed on and I tried to do the same, but the doors closed and the train sped off before I could. Luckily, my aunt was with me.

What do you remember?



  1. I remember family holidays in Cornwall and Devon- countless beaches, promenades and hill walks. I loved this post :)

  2. i remember disney world and cocoa beach and i vagely remember virginia and pennsylvania. all my travelling has been to the east for the most part, if you don't count california last year. loved this post :))
    -jocee <3

  3. I remember going to Alaska when I was four and eight. My grandparents lived there. It was so utterly fun. And GORGEOUS!

  4. I remember a road-trip that stretched from Pennsylvania, all the was to Maryland, and back with my Grandfather and Mom. The memories are sketchy, but as they are my fondest memories of him, I try to cling to them.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  5. I went to New York in March when I was about ten. Just as you said, it was incredibly cold. My mom took a picture of me and my brothers on top of the Empire State Building while we were being pelted by ice. It was a decent trip overall, though.

  6. I remember Florida, and California. Washington DC and Niagara Falls. Kansas City and Wichita for quick little trips. Paris, France was pretty much the highlight of my life. And road trips to get from Kansas to Ohio... going through Missouri, Illinois, Indiana. Pikes Peak in Colorado, and staying in Wyoming. Living in Mississippi and Ohio. Driving through New York, a family vacation to South Carolina, being at an airport in Texas, a family reunion in North Carolina, and thinking how pretty Virginia was. I kind of travel a lot :)

  7. I remember Florida when I was 4, England when I was 4, Disneyland in California when I was 6, England when I was 9, England and Alaska when I was 10, England, Greece, Germany, and California when I was 12, England, Greece, and Hawaii when I was 14, Minnesota when I was 13 and last but not least, California again when I was 15. Whew. Not sure if I'm forgetting anything, but these were at least some of the biggest, most memorable ones! ANYWAYS, LOVE this post! :) I'm visiting New York this summer for my sweet sixteen and am beyond excited!

  8. I remember Australia - my family's been through there many times. I also remember visiting England, Singapore, and Hong Kong. :)

  9. I remember the way the corn looked so tall as we drove into Indiana, and how now, years later, and after five years in Indiana, it's just a part of life.

  10. I remember going to Green Bay, Wisconsin, (home of the Green Bay Packers, what a vacation spot) when I was four. Really the only thing I remember was getting into a car accident. And then coming home and getting my first dog.