sunday afternoons

Between our regular staffers, our guest posters and our reads, we all have different rituals and routines to our Sunday afternoons. Some of us spend them with our family, others at church, others catching up on homework. There is a certain suspended magic to Sunday afternoons though--the way they last much longer than any afternoon does, and how they are perfect for daydreaming away the hours, and also that no other afternoon feels quite so silent and calm.

At my house, there's a lot of tea and coffee drunk on Sunday afternoons. Oftentimes we tell stories about our family and our friends around the dinnertable, and our evening meal lasts longer in the hope that we can postpone the next day. There's scrabble sometimes, and usually books, and today there were plans for summer holidays. But above all else there was a sense of peace and of quiet. Sunday afternoons are the calmest time of the week for me.

What are they like for you? Please share yours in the comments!



  1. I have to agree! Sunday afternoons ARE the calmest days of the week for me too. Except I'm usually full of dread for the Monday that's sure to follow.

  2. Sunday afternoons are pretty much just really lazy for me. I can't ever see to find motivation to do much.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. after church and tutoring, i usually come home to a quiet atmosphere, and it's almost a bit scary considering the noise that comes with each new week. however, i enjoy it. this is my day to read, to write, to imagine, and to explore, and i totally take it in stride. lovely photos, libby. oh-so inspiring :))
    -jocee <3

  4. Yes - Sunday afternoons always seem so long and relaxed. I wonder if God built something into us that recognizes Sunday as a day of rest?

  5. my sundays... are spent with church family. my family and i take long walks through the country side, or town. we talk a lot, too. :)

    by the way Libby - are you a christian? just thought i'd ask. i haven't seen any faith mentioned on your blog. :)

    1. My family aren't really religious, no. Personally I have no idea what I believe yet--I'm just exploring and learning about different ideas and beliefs.

  6. i usually chill and relax so i have plenty of energy for my amazing youth group!

  7. usually, Sunday afternoon is that one time a week where I let myself do whatever I want. sometimes that's reading, sometimes that's watching multiple movies with Aaron, sometimes it's just a long nap.