the story behind the jewellery

In my mum's dresser, there's a wooden box. It holds badges from when she was young, a few baby teeth from me and my brother, and above all--jewellery.
She has pretty earrings that have been given to her by friends as gifts over the years. There's a lovely pendant she found in an antique shop which still smells of perfume. And there's bangles and beaded necklace and rings too. Whilst some of these pieces aren't worn all that often, they all have a story behind them--sometimes silly, or seemingly inconsequential, but stories all the same. And when I look through my own jewellery box, that's what I want it to be like.
I remember when certain pieces were given to me, but I want there to be a story behind everything. And if I'm deeply in love with something, and if I don't remember a time when I wore it or the time I became the owner of it, those pieces of jewellery (and clothing, and books, and knick knacks) will be given to someone who can take them and build their own stories around them.
Because really, our outfits and our accessories are just another way of presenting ourselves to the world and sharing our story. Of showing who we want to be and how we perceive ourselves and how we want to be perceived. Of letting you know, this is our story and there is reason for what I wear.

Do you have a story to share about something you wear?



  1. love this Libby, so true! and I love British spelling, just saying.

  2. Love this post. I have special jewelry that holds memories as well.


  3. Love this! I have a small and simple silver chain bracelet that I never take off! It's not special or anything, but I've come to love the simplicity of it.

  4. oh, lovely post! jewelry is my favorite. also, I really like that you used the word "whilst" :)

  5. always. most of my jewelry and clothes have a story behind them...makes them all the more interesting.

  6. I own a pair of these tiny, little tear-drop pearl earrings. I love them. I got them for my birthday last year and they are my favourite. They seem to bring out the princess in me, if you get my meaning?

    Great post!

  7. I loved this post.
    I have a pair of earrings my brother got me, whose at college, and reminds me of him whenever I wear them. :)


  8. Lovely post! I have so much jewelry, and so many pieces have stories...

  9. i know exactly what you mean. the same thing goes with me and my mommy. great post :))
    -jocee <3

  10. I love this. And, I spy the bracelet I bought you from the lake. :)

  11. I feel the same way about jewelry and clothing. I have a bracelet with a little piano charm on it. My grandmother gave it to me when I turned 16 and it was the last present she ever gave me. I cherish it so much. I wear it for special occasions or whenever I feel like I need something to get me through the day.