i likelike you

Here's to all the crushers, the couples and the hopeless romantics this Valentine's Day. To all of us who admire from afar, dream of a future together and hoped for a text or a card today. And here's to the million-and-one ways there are to show our love.

{excerpt from Meadow's blog, Nearly Fancy}
Sometime in November, we sat and talked. I suppose we were sharing childhood stories, or something of the such. To be entirely honest, I don't recall the conversation at all. But ever since I was young, and of the cartoon watching age, I wanted to ride in a sleigh, and have the animal pulling, trying to reach a carrot on a string. This fall my mother got a Miniature donkey. Her name is Ruby and she is the sweetest. In his own head, That Guy came up with his very own idea for Christmas. He never once hinted towards it, nor did I. I completely did NOT know what to expect for Christmas. On the days nearing Christmas I did not see him very much due to the countless hours he spent in his shop, creating my Christmas gift. I was absolutely baffled. He built me a beautiful little sleigh for ruby to pull. Its festively painted (I wait all year long for Christmas) and the seat is beautifully covered in a deer hide from the first deer he ever shot as a kid. A little bit sentimental, right? I am still so amazed every time I look out the window.

{poem + photo by hannah}

because we're (adventurers)

february is all gloved hands
and closed hearts raked
raw by winter winds whispering
chill, and hot cocoa (steam rising)
whisked from the air, the smell
of sun, clarity like light on water,
and him
(always him)
eyes smiling blue and hand closed
around mine, holding hearts
warm -- with the smell of trees
growing leaves
like a symphony that is our
own (memories of mornings
exploring) because we're
adventurers and february is good
for living.

text by katie

I don't even remember the first time we met. It's funny, because that's something that I remember with so many other people. You just seem to blend into the back of the nearly-five years that I lived here. It was late summer when they started talking about you. My brother came back from playing board games with a group of friends. He informed me that he and a mutual friend decided that we needed to start dating. Either, "you would kill each other, or you'd fall in love." I laughed it off, and didn't really think about it. But then...they brought up the subject of you and I several times throughout the next few months, until finally, my friend gave you my number in early January.
I could say that the rest is history, but it isn't, not really. We have plans for our next date, and I'm going to go see you play baseball in the summer, and then you'll go to college in the fall. Who knows what will happen beyond that? For now, I'm content with movie dates and beating you at Wii Sports and the way you're reading the Hunger Games because I said that you would like them. And in case I haven't told you recently, I likelike you quite a lot.
art journal page & text by kara
I made this page three years ago. It feels like ten though. It was made about someone long ago in my past, but it makes me smile every time I see it.  He made me happy. But, I have got to say... Since then? I've found so much more beauty and contentment in making myself happy. Learning that quiet nights with a cup of coffee and City and Colour playing in the background (like tonight) with designs to doodle and a few emails to reply to makes me happy. I have beautiful days and sad days and hard days and sometimes I make myself very unhappy. But, I hold a lot of power to change a lot of that. I'm a single, fantastic woman right now and it's easy to get bummed about being beau-less on Valentines Day. But, it's also pretty easy to take yourself out to coffee and bring a rose back home to your best friend (what I am doing on Valentines Day this year). Have a wonderful Valentines Day and make it yours. 
How was your Valentine's Day? Please tell your story below, if you want. 
{compiled by libby}


  1. yes! this is so creative. i love it :))
    -jocee <3

  2. I'm with Jocee...this little compilation was the perfect thing for me to read mid-Valentine's Day. Thank you, Fernweh-ers.

  3. This is perfect! I lovelovelove it.
    -emailed you!

    xoxo acacia

  4. Such a neat collection! Love it. And this Valentines Day, I'm going to just eat some chocolate, tell my family how much I love them, and remember the love of Jesus Christ. He's pretty much the best Valentine ever! :)

  5. So sweet... you all are just so sweet :)

    xoxo, Annie

  6. I likelike this post. That is all. (:

  7. I likelike this post.
    And, for the record, I typed my comment before I looked at the others...specifically before I saw Jennoelle's.

  8. I can't even tell you how much I lovelove this post. Especially the poem and the story the second to last story.